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PostSubject: GG CSR's   Thu Sep 04, 2008 9:38 pm

Quote :
Dear noize,

You have received an infraction on the ijji Forums.

Reason: Content Violation
This account has received an infraction due to a violation of the ijji.com Terms of Service and/or Forum Use Guidelines. Please review these documents before posting in the future. For more information please review the Forum Use Guidelines located here: http://forums.ijji.com/showthread.php?t=122.

Thank you,

This infraction is worth 2 point(s) and may result in restricted access until it expires. Serious infractions will never expire.

Original Post:
wow why dont you go shoot up your teachers and fellow pupils, its all the rage nowadays!

oh and them blame it on black hip hop music and george bush
All the best,
ijji Forums

Obviously this is going to get deleted because the GM's and CSR's are trying to babysit the community.

Apparently my views are my own and for some reason, on a forum which is based in the (somewhat cliche'd) land of the free, I can not express my own opinion.. no matter how sane or even how irrelevant it is. Now as you may be able to decipher with the use of reading, what it was I was actually infract'ed for.

What I beg of the community here is to explain to me whats wrong with what I wrote, and then supplement that with the expression of either humour, sarcasm, seriousness or whatever you may scrounge up.

The CSR's have been very liberal lately and handing out infractions willy nilly (or is the word willy not allowed?), sometimes late! But this is a new feat, it took them no less than 24 hours to read through a pointless topic (deemed as spam I might add) and single me out for what I wrote.


In which way did I violate content? If you think I have enough power to influence people to do such a thing when the media is RIFE with it then I'm afraid your jobs as CSR's and GM's are greatly undermined. Why? Well you have no power over me, what I say or what I do. you can delete stuff but wow, thats some divine intervention. If you can't make me do anything (in your deluded power state) then lets face it I can't make anyone do anything, right?

Oh and black hip-hop music, is that a content violation? What if i say Hip-hop, or even worse WHITE HIP HOP.. no we have another minority in this community, how about ASIAN hip-hop... oh no you might as well ban me right now!

Oh and George Bush is a... you know what imma stop there, everyone knows what he's like and he defiantly isn't a Content Violation... except for a huge boil on the arse of world politics.

So GG CSR's, I thought il'd go public just like Stampers and Atomic... feel free to delete this, i'll be posting it on Drift Factor and Project_D community forums also so don't worry.
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PostSubject: Re: GG CSR's   Thu Sep 04, 2008 10:21 pm

i believe it may be the "incitement of violence" that is contained within your post Mr C. that will have gotten the powers that be's assorted knickers in a twist. the media has shown us the occaisional outrage that happens within educational centres when someone is slightly unhinged and has access to firearms - notice how i never singled it down to north america cos it happended here too Sad
think this may have been the most serious sounding post i've ever posted anywhere Shocked
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PostSubject: Re: GG CSR's   Thu Sep 04, 2008 11:16 pm

confused...so what did u write exactly..?
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PostSubject: Re: GG CSR's   

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